Avive, Inc.

We recognize a need for local poverty awareness.


Avive, Inc.’s mission is to improve quality human services in Marion County and the surrounding area. Through Education, Employment, Human and Social Services we uplift families and individuals in poverty or traveling the road to poverty.

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The purpose of the organization is to prevent employment drop by preparing individuals for the workplace, to improve disadvantaged individuals in the areas of: premature baby assistance, elderly assistance, educational, redevelopment, to provide bill pay assistance in the community, home repairs and food assistance.


Avive, Inc. is a nonprofit organization organized exclusively for providing services including Employment, Human and Social services in and around the Indianapolis metro area. Established as a 501(c)(3) charity, Avive, Inc. collects both gifts and funds year round to disseminate to those in need. The organization recognized the need for awareness of poverty in the area and made provisions to inspire individuals to advance out of poverty and ease the burdens it causes. Avive, Inc. meets the needs of families in crisis to prevent them from becoming homeless. By providing rent, mortgage, and utility assistance.